Phrat Parti (Deluxe Edition)

by Old Soles

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released June 6, 2006

mi/ma: @marshpw (Marshall Wieczorek, MP Productions)

keys: @MRiceShyamalan (Mike Rice)

screams: @donttouchthekim (Kimberly Perala)

songs by @old_soles (old soles)


tags: pop Charlotte


all rights reserved


Old Soles Charlotte, North Carolina

Jason, Matty, Jacob, Andy, Garrett

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Track Name: Indian Summer
indian summer heat eat our color
hunger, erase and fade
young liver lover paint up by number
make work of leaving shade

dead July hides on singing all the same songs
begging the gone to stay
we keep these feet strong
moving them so long
dancing before your grave

when we m-i-crooked letter-crooked letter you
do you m-i-crooked letter-crooked letter us too
from on high
Track Name: Hot Posh Rot Gossip
nothing but another daughter wrecking machine on high
nothing like a little pop radio cut way down low to get you right
black cadillac backseat coming alive
black cadillac backseat going ahh! all night

some hundred colors border different directions
moving for to cure metric rhythm infections
hot posh rot gossip at the sonic connection
underground gospel bible witness collection
Track Name: Polaroid Poltergeist
glow in the dark bitter blood on the hearth
hum high, fight bright, mm shine
shake apart at the seam and along when we sing
p-p-polaroid poltergeist

shy in the shade brother heartbeat slave
came up out that skin so tight
cheap bleach
weak bone
white microtones run you away to hide
heard a ghoul been about
out a grave underground
leaving late loud violet light
shake apart at the seam, and along when we sing
p-p-polaroid poltergeist
Track Name: Dexedrine
gather together where no light won't come
below the river while the night's still young
worship in shadow let your fair skin glow
tear up the meadow, let them sweet teeth show

circa surrender couldn't see no sign
circa november, morning chore to rhyme
wayfarers never let a high look low
dexedrine never let a heart beat slow
down in that upper east manhattan flat
dead bodies wide awake on this and that
some ugly hunger haunting through and through
waking up down under her cus i ain't over you

matter, remember?
carbon commune kind…
rattling atoms that got left behind
margiela never let a frame shake long
dexedrine never let a tongue run wrong
half math and water, other half codone
bougie young californ-i-a fine doe
same ugly hunger holding through and through
waking up down under her when I ain't over you